Chief Executive Officer
Cheryl Cuddy,
Andrea McPherson,
      Louise Cleary, Payroll Specialist
Paul Zavinsky, Director of Development and Public Relations
      Chloe Miller, Communications & Events
Human Resources
Museum Schumuye, Human Resources
Treassa Strawn, Director of Services
      Access Technology Training
            Londa Peterson, Access Technology Specialist
      Case Management
           Nichole Snow, Case
      Prevention of Blindness Services
           Sue Gebhart, Sr. Prevention Specialist
     Low Vision
           Anna Pantalone, MS, OTR/L, Low Vision Occupational Therapist
      Audio Services
          Steve Long, Audio Services
VR Business Services
Mark Leib, Director of Flooring
Scott Moyer, Director of Operations and
Jeremiah Montanez, Contract Manager
             Ron Nye, Production
Leah Trautz, Account
Michael Scalzi, Photo Id Member Agency Representative