About Us

Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania (VROCP) is a 100 year-old community benefit organization with a mission to facilitate independence, enrich the quality of life, and empower individuals who are visually impaired or otherwise disabled through prevention, employment and educational awareness programs. The agency serves Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin and Perry counties.

Throughout our history, VROCP has provided services for blind and visually impaired individuals, many of whom have few choices for access to assistance. The agency has remained committed to fulfilling its mission, practicing professional standards and to treating clients with dignity and respect.

Core services include prevention of blindness programs that provide preschool children free vision screenings, when recommended follow-up with professional Eye examinations. If insurance and financial resources are limited, Vision Resources offers a free eye clinic that will provide the exam and eyeglasses if warranted. The agency also offers a Low Vision Rehab Center with professional examinations and recommendations for the use of a client’s remaining vision from the doctor and on-staff Occupational Therapist specializing in low vision.

Clients that are legally blind can seek support from Vision Resources’ Case Management team. Caseworkers may assist with bill paying, transportation services for doctor appointments, and for groceries, but they also try to help them build independence which allows then to continue living safely in their own homes. Life skills education meetings in Cumberland, Dauphin and Franklin counties are provided monthly. Audio Services are available to any individual who is print-impaired for news, information and entertainment 24 hours per day be clicking “Listen Live” on our home page.

Technology Training available at the VROCP facility provides even greater opportunities for improved quality of life with access and training on the latest technology. The staff Access Technologist can introduce and train clients on computers, touch technologies, brailing equipment and other applications that in recent years have advanced and provide new products to assist the blind and vision impaired.

Vision Resources has, since its inception, looked for business opportunities that the agency could manage and generate revenue to support its programs and services. The organization has always believed that individuals with disabilities are capable of providing a competent workforce and that these underserved persons want to be employed. Through employment, individuals with disabilities can achieve greater independence for themselves and contribute to the overall community. This contributes to the quality of life for everyone in the region.

As Vision Resources prepares for its Next Century of Service, the organization is addressing challenges such as the older, growing population that will, each year, increasingly require assistance with their vision needs. This agency plans to remain actively resourceful with all that it offers, continue to seek greater financial strength and business reliance, and maintain its reputation as a leading comprehensive provider of services for people who are blind or visually impaired. VROCP looks forward to the productive relationships it shares with individuals, businesses, foundations, and our state government, partnerships that make a difference for our commonwealth.