Production Division

VR Business Services: Accurate.  Efficient.  Reliable.

VR Business Services partners with area businesses that range from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses. We offer reliable, accurate and competitive services. If you want to learn more about our services please call us at 717-238-2531.

We provide outsourcing and subcontractor options to businesses including:

  • Sales Fulfillment
  • Commercial Grade Color and Black/White Printing
    • high speed digital color and monochrome printing
    • bound booklets and manuals
    • folded brochures
    • posters
  • Packaging and Assembly
    • component sub-assembly
    • light manufacturing
    • custom packaging/reworking
    • coffee sales and packaging
  • Comprehensive Bulk Mail Services
    • processing/fulfillment
    • CASS and NCOA certification
    • bulk sorting
    • laser printing
    • automated and manual folding/sorting
    • labeling, sealing and posting postage
  • Third Party Logistics
    • warehousing
    • distribution
  • Pen Production
  • Braille Transcription and Recording Devices
  • PennDOT Photo ID Management