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Our Prevention of Blindness Program has a two-fold mission of preventing visual problems and educating the public about eye health and safety.

The prevention department provides vision screenings for adults and children throughout Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin and Perry counties. The main focus of the prevention of blindness department is to find undetected, yet treatable, conditions in children and adults.

Preschool vision screenings for children ages two through five are conducted at preschools, daycares and nursery schools at no charge to the parents or facility. 


"Thank you so much for coming to U-GRO and providing the screening.  Without that we would not have known she (daughter) needed correction in her left eye.  Because it was caught at such a young age, there is a chance the glasses will correct the problem.  She just received her glasses in June and has been doing great with them." 

 -A Parent’s Message to Vision Resources


 Children and adults are also screened regularly at area health fairs and senior centers as well as civic events.

In addition to vision screening, the prevention department offers a comprehensive eye health and safety program. Adult eye safety programs are presented regularly. Additionally, interactive eye safety sessions for children in first grade and preschools are also conducted.

Vision Resources also provides a Speakers Bureau to increase community awareness about the services we provide to both the sighted and blind communities. The Speakers Bureau is offered as a free public service.

For more information, please visit our Eye Conditions & Diseases link page.

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