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Necessities Store

One of the services offered by Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania is the Necessities Store located in our lobby, which offers products and aids for people who are blind and visually impaired. Products stocked in the store include:

  • 20/20 Bold Pens
  • Lock Dots
  • Braille and Jumbo Bingo Cards
  • Puzzle Books
  • Braille and Low Vision Playing Cards
  • Signature and Writing Guides
  • Braille Paper
  • Sock Tuckers
  • Bump Dots
  • Spread Eye Needles
  • Cane Tips 
  • Sunglass Shades
  • Check Writing Guides
  • Large Print Check book Registers
  • Talking Glucometer
  • Talking Thermometers
  • Easy Say Liquid Levelers
  • Talking Watches
  • Large Print Address Books and refill pages
  • Transparent Vinyl Labeling Tape
  • Large Print Measuring Cups and Spoons



For more information, please contact Mike Barry at 717.238.2531.

1130 South 19th Street • Harrisburg, PA 17104 • Phone: 717-238-2531 • Fax: 717-238-0710 •